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Kunfehértó Camping and Beach is a wooded, grassy tenting area. Pleasant, shady surroundings include rental wooden cabins and a large area for tenting. There are communal bath blocks, two kitchens, and a cozy outdoor barbecue area available for use. Traffic routes and accommodation areas, as well as group reservations, will be marked with tape. There is no possibility for advance booking of individual spots. The camping site is the hub for BMW teams, always bustling with atmosphere! We will also take over the beach next to the camping site. These areas will be the liveliest, with lots of BMWs, roaring engines, etc. The sports field wedged between the Camping and the Beach will host the meeting event location with programs, and a Party Tent until dawn! If you like excitement, this is the place for you!

A quieter tenting option is available at the Youth Camp (Sector 5).

Electricity (230V) is provided in the tenting areas, but the supply is limited, so the use of high-consumption devices (e.g., electric ovens/hot plates, heaters, air conditioners, etc.) is prohibited!

The campground is pet-friendly! Dogs are allowed in sectors 1 and 2. However, dogs are not allowed on the beach area (sectors 3 and 4).

This accommodation option can be purchased with a pass. The pass is valid for one person for five days and applies to all camping areas. There are no additional charges for car spaces or tent spaces, but there is a tourist tax (IFA): 300 HUF per person per night, which must be paid in addition to the pass price.

Sports camp

Located right next to the BMW meet-up hub on the beach, this stone building exudes a '90s vibe but is equipped with civilized 4-bed rooms. It includes a shared lounge, a warming kitchen, and communal bathrooms.

Youth "retro" Camp.

In a wooded, park-like area just a 5-minute walk from the campground, there’s a camp enclosed by a fence featuring several stone buildings and wooden cabins. The rooms, with bunk beds in the style of the '80s, accommodate 4, 5, 8, 10, and 12 persons, mostly sharing bathrooms. This location also hosts the DriftArena, providing a smoky atmosphere during the day with tire burnouts. Tenting is available here as well, and this area is designated for accommodating trailers and visitors arriving in non-BMW vehicles.

General Accomodation Information

Reservations become final with the full payment of the total amount.

When choosing your accommodation, please consider that next to the meeting center, in the Sports Camp area, there will be parties for three nights from 21:00 to 05:00! The Drift Arena operates during the day at the Youth Camp.

During the BMW meet-up, only BMWs are allowed on the closed-off areas around the lake (campground, sports field, beach). It is not permitted to be in the area with cars of other brands. Those arriving with trailers or non-BMW vehicles have the option to park in the external parking lots or at the Youth Camp.

In Kunfehértó, a tourist tax of 300 HUF per person per night must be paid. Upon booking or at the latest upon arrival, we request the details of all guests for the tourist tax declaration and the mandatory notification to the Hungarian Tourism Agency.

For further questions regarding accommodations, please contact us at szallas (at)

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